This is the first video of the channel where I present myself, in Italian. Maybe in future, I'll make some video in Englis, despite my speaking isn't so good.

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In this old short video we can see that strange osprey behaviour during a normal photographic session from the car.

This wonderful birds come every year from Germany to pass here the winter, giving us the opportunity to observe them staying inside a car, because the pond where they hunt is really close to a road. Staying inside the car is not a problem for them, because they aren't scared from the strange shape of the cars, but if you get off ..... Bye, bye!!! 

Nowadays nature and wildlife photography are quite challenging, even though on the Net you can find many "How to" in order to achieve your goals. Photographing animals is not simple, due to their erratic presence in the field or due to their distance from cities, in fact they live in very hard environment and often they're difficult to reach. But that only if we're speaking about "top animals", like big raptors, bears, leons/tigers or very elusive mammals.

In these short writings I'm going to show you some trick how to approach wildlifes respecting species, because the nature and wildlife photography must have an ethic to preserve their safety, mostly during the breeding season.

But let's get started!


Little owls



Little owls are for me, after the owls, one of the most fascinating nocturnial raptors, even because in Sardinia we don't have eagle owls, that I think they're the best one, as well as the snowy owl.

To see them, they're so cute and fluffy, but they're a really skilled hunter, so during the breeding season they can hunt a lot of prey in order to feed their chicks.


What to know

Before start to photograph little owls, let me say that the first thing you have to think about them, is their safety. In my opinion preserve their safety is vital, not only for this specie, but for all species. Respecting the nature, the little owls as well, should be a "must-do" for any wildlife photographer. Instead I often saw bad behaviour from some guy who pretend being nature lovers...But carry we on! 

On the Net there are a lot informations about owls, in any languages, so the best tips I can give you, is to read them before to do anything. The knowledge is really important in this field.


During one of my usual short trip, I saw a place that I knew before. Always the sensation has been of bewilderment and desolation, but later with anger. A fire has destroyed a large part of countryside near my city, a place where I spent my time looking for some raptors or taking some nice pictures during the sunset, but mostly to stay in nature.

Seeing all that devastation was terrible. Knowing that many animals are dead by hand's man is discouraging. Nothing change, never. Year after year, here in Sardinia every summer is dead somewhere due to some fire. And anyone can do anything because it's difficult to find the responsible for that destroy, and the worst thing is that they're arson!! Natural fires are quite rare, despite the hot wheater of this period.

BlackHead Lighthouse


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