This picture has been taken in july 2019, during a warm morning. As always for wildlife photography I wake up very early in order to arrive in the place before the sunrise, and for not beeing seen from the animals as well. Fortunately the raptor arrived with the right light, not so strong, and it stayed on the perch enough time to allow me to take several pictures in that nice position and a good background. That "guy" is very shy, and with any noise is tends to fly away, but having a camera with an electronic shutter the problem doesn't exist.

A nice note: on the left shoulder there's an ant, visible by enlarging the image. 

Technical data:

Sony A9 + Sony 100-400mmGM + TC 1,4x + tripod
EXIF: 560mm; 1/4000"; f/8; ISO 2000


This picture has been taken in january 2020, in Sardinia hinterland.  This isn't a new waterfall for me, because I saw it some years ago, but I didn't go inside the stream for taking pictures, usually I took the picture from the side of the small lake, actually the only available side. Going into the lake and following the stream allows you to take pictures with differents POV (Point Of View) 

Technical data:

Sony A9 + Zeiss Batis 25mm f/2.0 + tripod
EXIF: 25mm; 3.2"; f/10; ISO 50

Saint Peter Paradise waterfall

You should know me now, and you know I love waterfalls. And this time I went to a really far place to photograph a waterfall, to the other side of the island, near Cagliari. The trip has been very long, for my standard photography trips, and in order to turn up early, I set off at four o'clock in the morning. After three hours I've got there without a driving rest. But the scenery was worth it. Here I won't put the map, because you can read it in a Viewpoint article.

But let's get started!!

The trail until the waterfall is quite easy, a bit slippery in some part, but not very dangerous, despite in the video I said the opposite 

Anyway, let's continue with the diary. As I said the trail is easy, but I advise you to wear a couple of wellingtons because you need to cross the stream somewhere, so be careful. It takes about 10 minutes for getting there, so don't worry about carrying on a lot of stuff like food, water, surviving kit.... ehmmmm it doesn't need a surviving kit!!!

The day was pretty perfect: mild temperature, no wind, no hard light, no anyone!!! Yes, I was alone, fortunately, and I had the opportunity to admire the waterfall and the place without any trouble or human noise.

But now I quit speaking and I'll let speak the photos.


In these two pictures, I started with a straightforward view of the waterfall using the Sigma 14mm f/1.8, in order to capture the environment around the waterfall as well.

After I tried changing composition, but only a little bit. In fact, I moved only a few meters on the right side of the small lake below the waterfall, and I also took a photo of the trees in front of the waterfall.


In the last photo, I moved again on the right side, for capturing the waterfall between those two trees, and this is my favourite picture of the day. I like how the trees frame the waterfall with the left branch in the direction of the waterfall.

I could spend only a few hours in the place, then I had to get back home, but I was really happy of the short session because it was a long time that I didn't do anything. Now, at writing time I'm at home in lockdown, due to hour government. Yes, I know, it's for our safety, but I'm also thinking about the shops and the small company that are not able to reopen after the lockdown. We'll lose a lot of jobs, unfortunately...

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I drove a lot for that picture, but it's also been very rewarding. That day the mistral wind was really strong and the sky was covered by clouds, however it was always interesting and it inspired me a lot. Tha small boat, maybe of some fischer, was on the sand very close to the sea, moved a little bit by waves, but not so much, infact in the picture it isn't moved despite the long exposition used. 

Technical data:

Sony A7RII + Zeiss Batis 18mm f/2.8 + tripod
EXIF: 18mm; 25"; f/13; ISO 50

Since I started with landscape photography, I've always been fascinating from waterfalls, streams and rivers. In Sardinia, there are a lot of them, but the majority of waterfalls are present only during the rainy seasons or after long and strong rains. Until now I photographed only a few waterfalls of Sardinia, that you can see in my gallery, but I'd like to photograph all of them, even because now is the right moment. In fact, in these days has been raining so much and, in theory, every waterfall is full of water, in some case, there is it too much and could be a bit dangerous going there. Right now, I'm scouting just to understand where they are, in order to go there easily and to not lose myself.

I hope to show you some new pictures very soon, so stay tuned and thanks for reading. And if you want to watch my new YouTube channel I'd appreciate a lot, maybe you can subscribe to it and give me a good thumb up!!!



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