As you know, I love waterfalls laughing, and also this time I took advange about the "yellow" for going around and taking some new pictures. For "yellow" I mean the Italian regional classification about the Coronavirus. In fact my region, Sardinia, now is orange, that means more restrictions, like not going everywhere, but we can only go around the municipalities where we live.  It's a bit strange that, but basically we can do almost everything apart going to gyms, cinemas and stuff like that. I hope we can start to live normally as we did before the Covid 19, and to forget this bad situation very soon.

Anyway in the weekend I had the opportunity to see a new, for me, waterfall called Sas lapias, very, very beautiful made by three single waterfall, even though there's only one stream. The second one waterfall I had already photographed before, but this time I went at the bottom of the waterfall, in order to change perspective.

Both waterfalls are really interesting and quite easy to reach, so I'll publish soon a Viewpoint to show you where find them. But now have a look the pictures:

Sas lapias waterfall


Lu tuvu waterfall:


Recently I'm not taking many wildlife pictures, because I'm a little concentrated in new others activities, but I hope you like these new pictures and if you are interested in my work you would follow me watching my Youtube channel. Bye for now and I hope to see you really soon.

Italian version


Argentiera is a location in the north of Sardinia. It's known for its mining country, but for the coastline as well. There're also some small beaches where having a sunbath or swimming in the sea. Beeing quite near my city, I go there often for landscape and seascape photography.

This time I took advantage of the rough sea, for capturing some pictures of waves and to take a couple of long exposition using an ND 1000 filter. Actually the long exposition were not so good, due to the wind that shaked my small tripod.... Yes, I was using the travel tripod in order to have less weight to carry on, but I didn't think that the wind was so strong.


This picture has been taken in january 2020, in Sardinia hinterland.  This isn't a new waterfall for me, because I saw it some years ago, but I didn't go inside the stream for taking pictures, usually I took the picture from the side of the small lake, actually the only available side. Going into the lake and following the stream allows you to take pictures with differents POV (Point Of View) 

Technical data:

Sony A9 + Zeiss Batis 25mm f/2.0 + tripod
EXIF: 25mm; 3.2"; f/10; ISO 50

This picture has been taken in july 2019, during a warm morning. As always for wildlife photography I wake up very early in order to arrive in the place before the sunrise, and for not beeing seen from the animals as well. Fortunately the raptor arrived with the right light, not so strong, and it stayed on the perch enough time to allow me to take several pictures in that nice position and a good background. That "guy" is very shy, and with any noise is tends to fly away, but having a camera with an electronic shutter the problem doesn't exist.

A nice note: on the left shoulder there's an ant, visible by enlarging the image. 

Technical data:

Sony A9 + Sony 100-400mmGM + TC 1,4x + tripod
EXIF: 560mm; 1/4000"; f/8; ISO 2000

I drove a lot for that picture, but it's also been very rewarding. That day the mistral wind was really strong and the sky was covered by clouds, however it was always interesting and it inspired me a lot. Tha small boat, maybe of some fischer, was on the sand very close to the sea, moved a little bit by waves, but not so much, infact in the picture it isn't moved despite the long exposition used. 

Technical data:

Sony A7RII + Zeiss Batis 18mm f/2.8 + tripod
EXIF: 18mm; 25"; f/13; ISO 50

BlackHead Lighthouse


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