In the woodland - Fiorentini forest

Yes, another woodland!!

In Sardinia, unfortunately, we haven't got many woodlands and only a few are still well protected, someones are really ancient, but the majority part has been rebuilt in some way. One of them is this one, Fiorentini forest, even though, after all, is gorgeous. It has a lot of different kind of trees, a few very tall, maybe over 40 meters, but you can find oak trees, holm oaks and pines.

When I was going around the woodland I come across a marvellous tree. It was very interesting, with a big hole inside the trunk, but also really challenging to photograph. In fact, I don't know if I managed to capture the beauty of the tree. You have the word to say it.

The worse aspect of this picture, in my opinion, was the flat light; there wasn't the sunlight so everything was still in the shade, even that tree. Thinking over, I'd like to get back again, but during the sunset, in order to have a warm and better light.

Moving on in a different place finally, I've got the light!! And what a light! It was making a lot of different colours and making sunstroke everywhere, like in this picture:

where the sun lit the branches.

Taking pictures of trees is not as easy as I thought, and often I had to change composition, or lens in order to have a different view of the tree, but I never was happy or fully satisfied of the result. The last picture has been taken near a group of rocks, where a particular tree grew close to them. The aspect that attracted me was the small life living on it: some very little plants and green moss, with this result:

I don't know how it is: good or bad, but I enjoyed staying in the woodland because I get relaxed and walked for a while. Nature for me is always a source of inspiration, and even though I'm not convinced of those pictures, I'm looking forward to getting back really soon, maybe with the snow, or at least I hope so.

Recently I started to shot some video, so you can see it from my YouTube channel, or watching here. Enjoy you and I hope to see you again in these pages.



In Sardinia, there are many lakes, but they're all artificial, like Coghinas lake, that it's the biggest one. The only natural lake is Baratz lake, small and a bit awful, at least with no big interest. Speaking about nature that lake hosts a small group of coots and sometimes you can see some raptor.But let's go back to Coghinas lake. Yesterday I had the opportunity to go around the lake, near a bridge quite interesting, with a particular environment. The day was a little damp and foggy, ma very motivating. In fact, I was expecting a moment like that, with the fog, for taking some nice picture, and I hope to have had success.

The first shot is about the bridge:

This is the first video of the channel where I present myself, in Italian. Maybe in future, I'll make some video in Englis, despite my speaking isn't so good.

As always I hope you enjoy watching it and if you want to leave me a comment, you're welcome.


In this video, I'm going to show you how to build a photographic blind using natural stuff, like dry branches and some shade clothes. I'm sorry for the camera shaking but I didn't know how to stabilize the movement and I didn't have a gimbal (I bought a new one after that video). I hope you'll enjoy the video, and I hope you'll subscribe my YouTube channel.

See you



In this old short video we can see that strange osprey behaviour during a normal photographic session from the car.

This wonderful birds come every year from Germany to pass here the winter, giving us the opportunity to observe them staying inside a car, because the pond where they hunt is really close to a road. Staying inside the car is not a problem for them, because they aren't scared from the strange shape of the cars, but if you get off ..... Bye, bye!!! 

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