Koolehaoda mini tripod TKS-223C


For my short videos I was looking for a small tripod to use at home, and I came across this one, the Koolehaoda TKS-223C, a really sturdy mini tripod. But, let's get started!!

Specifications tripod

  • Material: carbon fiber
  • Folding Length: 29cm / (11.5 ")
  • Minimum height: 13.5cm / 5.5in (with tripod head)
  • Maximum height: 47cm / 18.5in (with tripod head)
  • Tube number: 3
  • Leg diameter: F22, F19, F16mm
  • Maximum load: 8kg / 17lbs
  • Tripod Weight: 0.58kg
  • Package size: 35 * 11.5 * 11.5cm


26-QS Ball Head Product Specifications:

  • Ball diameter: 26MM
  • Maximum load: 8 kg
  • Product weight: 230G
  • Maximum height: 75MM
  • Bottom diameter: 33MM
  • Quick release plate: 40 * 42mm, installation size 38mm


The Koolehaoda mini tripod has the legs in carbon fiber, and the body, as well as the head-ball, in metal. The finishing are really good and it looks like a more expensive tripod, even though it isn't actually so cheap. On Amazon the price was about 80,00 euros, and if you think about it, with that price you can buy a bigger tripod, perhaps not in carbon fiber, but for sure a bigger tripod. Using the following link you can buy it using my affiliate program, in order to help me a little:

Amazon Koolehoda TKS-223C

Anyway, let's go on. Every leg has three sections, allowing to reach 47 cm as maximum height. The twist locks are good and pretty smooth, and so far I haven't had any issue with them. One aspect really remarkable is that there are a lot of bubble level, they are everywhere, as you can see in the following pictures, and this is  really, really useful!!


Then the ball-head as the graduade scale for the panning:

Another good thing is the minimum level from the ground, that basically is zero, because you can open the legs widely as you can see in the picture:

that is very useful in many occasions.


In the field

To be honest I have been really surprised by this small tripod. It's really well done, and it is sturdy. I didn't think to be a chinese product. But if in past was true that chinese products were not so good, now the situation is pretty different and often you can get a really good stuff from China, like this tripod. The tripod, as you can see, is small, mostly if you use it with a zoom telephoto lens, like the Sony 200-600G or 100-400GM, that they aren't so lightweight, but, despite the tiny size of the tripod, it can manage the lens without so much problems. Of course you can't use this combo in every situation, but for small activities, like for example when you need to stay really close to the ground, it could be useful.


For landscape photography it could be useful in some situations, mostly when you travel a lot and you need to be light. Of course it can't cover every need but it's pretty flexible and it's maximum load will allow you to use dslr cameras as well, maybe opening more the legs in order to be more stable.

The tripod is capable to keep the Sony A9, with the Sony 100-400GM lens on a side, as you can see the following picture.


This is really important because means that the head is sturdy, despite the size.



To sum up, I'm really happy of that tripod. I'm using a lot, moslty at home for the videos, as I said, but also in the field when I need being lighter. Ok, the price is not really popular, because is not really cheap, but the materials quality are good and it works well, so I can only reccomend it. I also made a video, that you can watch here, or in my Youtube channel.



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