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The life of buzzards, by Peter Dare


I've always been fond of birds of prey, so I couldn't not have this book in my personal bookstore. The author presents with his book a complete study, which lasted ten years in Devon Country (UK), but also with the support of other enthusiasts in Northern Europe, about the life of the buzzards. The book is divided into two parts, where at the first it highlights, throughout the year, the various aspects of the life of a buzzard, such as for example the search for food: or nest construction: In each case there are some beautiful photographs, and some graphics that help the reader to better understand the data provided by the author and this can understand the great work done.


In the second part, instead, six aspects of the buzzard's life are thoroughly examined: territory, energy and food requirements, predation, nutrition and breeding, demography and population dynamics, and finally change in 'abundance of the buzzard in the territory. The book contains a lot of information, including techniques and statistics, and goes beyond the mere zoological description of the species described, so I consider it an essential guide for those who want to study and understand better this beautiful raptor.


This book is published from Whittle Publishng, a really gold mine if you are interested about nature. This edition is well done, as the publisher has always used to, and the price is surely justified for the big data and information presents in the book. Here an interesting interview with the author of the book, Peter Dare.


A fieldworker's guide to the Golden eagle, by Dave Walker (Whittles Publishing)


"The Golden Eagle is generally thought to be a well-known and well-documented species although much of the available literature cannot readily be used in the field. Additionally, much-existing information has little supporting evidence and yet is still largely accepted without question which may be detrimental to understand eagle ecology and undermine conservation efforts. This important issue is addressed by the author who queries numerous long-held belief about Golden Eagles. The Fieldworker's Guide examines existing knowledge and promotes a better understanding of the species through improved fieldwork. With 37 years of active, year-round investigative fieldwork experience, the author has vast knowledge enabling him to shed light on these matters."

This book, published by Whittles Publishng, is really interesting because show us how a fascinating bird like the Golden Eagle lives. The author, Dave Walker, had done a complete work and study about this species, analysing every aspect of their life, like habitat, territory, food, breeding and so on. There're some statistical data, that can be always useful.

In the book, there're some pictures of eagles, some very interesting. But there're some sections with related, for instance, to the food:

or the almanack where month after month, describe the salient aspect of life's eagle, like the plumages variation in the immature eagles or the breeding pairs:

These are some colour pictures of the book:

This edition is well done, the cover is soft but is quite resistant and the quality of the paper is good. The characters used for the text is right for reading, and despite there're lots of information the legibility is quite good. Of course it isn't a novel book, so it could be a bit boring in some part, but we have to appreciate the author's work. 

So, if you're fascinated by this wonderful bird like me, you can't not buying this book, so I recommend you, mostly when there are online sales!!


Zeiss Batis 18mm f/2.8, the ultrawide-angle from Zeiss


The Zeiss Batis 18mm is a super-wideangle autofocus fixed lens for Sony E-Mount system, and for the moment is the only one of this kind. Thinking about Zeiss is synonymous of high quality images, good materials, innovations and indeed every these qualities are present in this lens. Talking about its appareance, this lens is very beautiful, with smooth finitures and good material, a part the plastic hood: for this kind of lens I find that is too cheap, too plastic and sometime hardly to insert in the lens.

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Haliaeetus albicilla

Haliaeetus albicilla
Haliaeetus albicilla
A couple of white-tailed sea eagles. Lofoten, Norway. July 2018