This area, called "capo pecora" in italian, is a stunning place for a landscape photographer. It'll offers you a lot of possibilities for taking wonderful pictures, mostly long exposure due to the particular beach made from stones. And when the sea is really rough, you'll be able to admire beautiful sceneries. The whole area is very rich of "nature" and also attractive for hikers who love breathtaking views.

 Access rating

You can go there using coastal roads, but it'll take long time, even though the sight it will be superb. The better solution is arriving from Guspini and Arbus villages, taking the statal road number 126. Then you have to follow the signals for "Capo pecora" using the road number 83.


 What to shoot

The beach with its stones, water rocks, small and big bays.

 Other times of years

All over the year. 

 Nearby locations

Close to the area there's Buggerru village, a minerian village quite nice, but with many interesting place to visit and photograph, like caves, nuraghe, cliffs and so on.

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