It's a long process, but I'm updating my landscapes gallery. I've just added some old photo, so you can see them. As always I wait from you some comment or write me if you want to ask something about the places that I've photographed.

I've just updated my birds gallery inserting a new species, the African stonechat.

This little bird, belonging to the Passeriformes order, is really present in Sardinia and it can be found everywhere, but mostly in the countryside. Their preferred places are bushes, where they often made their nest. The female is a bit different from the male, how you can see from my gallery.


They've started the new courses for beginners photographer. The courses will be pratical-oriented, but with every theoretical notion useful to understand what you'll do with your camera. We'll start mainly how a camera is made and its basic functions, then how the light works and how to use it in our pictures, the triangle of shooting time, aperture and ISO, we'll see the basic composition concept in some situations and, of course, we'll take many, many pictures in different context.

Courses are for beginners, but if you need something different, more complex or for other situations like nature photography (Wildlife) or landscapes photography I can teach you what I've learned in these years of nature photography.

For more information contact me at the following email: giuseppe_gessa at , or if you are italian at the mobile number: 338 5078339

See you soon.




Today I've read a news about killing a wolf. The news annoyed me very much, because it isn't the only one. Almost every day in Italy you can read about some animals killed from poachers, despite there are many laws for animals right. But the problem aren't the laws, but that anyone can do nothing, or want do nothing… The ours goverment seems to not be interested about this questions, a part during the political elections, so it's easy finding animals dead everywhere, animal that should be protected from the man. 

The wildlife is in danger and despite the effort to protect them, every year dead a lot of animals. Fish are dying eating plastic and we are eating them and instead to clean the sea we are still making and using plastic stuff everywhere. If we continue in this way, we won't have nothing to see, we won't have any animals on Earth, in the sea, in the sky. 

It's our responsability to do something, to claim to our goverment in order to change this situation. Wildlife can't go forward in this way. We ought to protect them, not to kill., the new web site about nature photography

The old web site was becoming too old and slow, so I had to make a new one using newer web technology. This new site will be like the old one, but faster and more modern and avalaible on mobile devices, like smarthphones and tablets. The work to transfer the contents and the gallery will be long, so I ask you to be patient. In the blog section I'll have to insert the old diary, so you'll see posts in chronological order, and the same for news and tutorials.

I hope that the new web site like you as it likes to me.

See you soon.