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Recently I've worked to improve my astrophotography equipment. Basically, I've made a powerbox for the mount and for two dew-heaters, but for a flat-box as well. The process it's been quite short, and I got my powerbox using a plastic tool-box and three lithium-batteries. So, after many works, you only expect to use them and you wait for the right night, a night without moon or at least a small moon-phase, in order to not have too much light pollution (I know, I'm living in a town, so it's really hard not having light pollution!!!!). Anyway, when you think the night is right, you soon discover another problem.... wind!!! Arrgh! After many cloudy nights, having even only one clear night is gold, but with the wind is always a big deal for astrophotography. But, as always, there's a solution.

A windshield!!!

Obviously, someone would tell, but wich windshield??? A tent? A solid wall? And what if I like to move it? The solution isn't so simple, but I think it might be practicable using Polionda sheets merged together to form a barrier for the wind. Polionda is really light and easy-portable so it should be very easy to use it every time I need it. For now, I've just made a small project on paper, but soon I'll buy all I need to make it, so stay tuned, I'll get back really soon.



#26/04/2020 Update

That solution wasn't good enough. Unfortunately, Polionda isn't stable as I hoped, so with a medium wind it shakes a lot, and it's quite impossible to use it and protect the telescope from the wind. Even though with long laces, for blocking it somewhere, it isn't so useful, so I have to give up with this idea, a stupid idea.

On the Net, I've seen some portable tent. They are not so expensive, but I think it takes a bit time for mounting, and every time I want using the telescope I'd have to mount the tent, the telescope and so on. A bit of work for some pictures, maybe too work, and I don't know if it worths.

For now, I'll give up and I'll use my telescope in no-windy days, hoping to have no Moon as well!!!

See you.

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Haliaeetus albicilla

Haliaeetus albicilla
Haliaeetus albicilla
A couple of white-tailed sea eagles. Lofoten, Norway. July 2018