Located in the south part of Sardinia, this area is easy to reach and rich in nature, where you'll be able to admire great sceneries, mostly the Cagliari's gulf.  
 Access rating

It isn't very simple arriving there, so I advise you to use a satnav or Google maps on your phone, using the maps coordinates. Once turned up on the location, go down in the evident path near the road (there's a place where to leave the car), until you reach the waterfall. Be careful in wet days because it might be slippery, and it should be better using a couple of wellingtons to cross the stream somewhere. 

 What to shoot

The waterfall and the small lake below it. Not so far the waterfall there's the famous mushroom rock, a rock shaped from wind and rain, and some giant tombs, always nice to see.

 Other time of years

Mostly in winter, during or right after the rain season.

 Nearby locations

As I wrote before, there are some interesting spots, like the giant tombs: ancient rocks made by man thousands of years ago.

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GG Website
February 19, 2021
In order to have also the old gallery ordinates by species, I've added the menu item "Galleries by species" under the item Gallery, that it's still working. As always leave me a message if you find some issue, or to ask me something. Cheers. Giuseppe
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January 26, 2021
A new vlog is ready on my Youtube Channel
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January 26, 2021
Finally Sony has revealed its new camera, and never will be the same story. With this new monster Sony has created a new generation of Alpha camera, doing a step further in the mirrorless camera. As a wildlife photographer having a complete silent shutter capable of shooting 30fps is very fantastic and woould give me the opportunity to capture every single moment of an action, like a bird taking off or a landing on a perch. But you need to be careful, because its price it's very "professional", and it won't be for everybody, not me at least and not for now, unfortunately.
The new Sony Alpha 1 Giuseppe Gessa
Postproduction courses
January 14, 2021
If you need a course about Adobe Photoshop and you don't know anyone, you have found the right person. I'm always available to help everybody for improving their graphic skills, and to teach how to use this wonderful software. Write me an email if you're interested. Thanks
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