Sos Molinos waterfall is a nice small waterfall near the village of Santu Lussurgiu.

 Access rating

Arriving there is quite simple. You need to follow Azuni avenue until the end of the village and continue to 15 provincial road. After about 2 km you'll find a small car park on the left side of the road where leaving the car. On the left side of the car park, there's a path where going down until the waterfall. Be careful in winter because it could be slippy. For better pictures, I advise you to take a couple of high wellingtons in order to get into the small lake in front of the waterfall, or following the stream.

 What to shoot

The waterfall and the stream.

 Other times of years

The best period is during the winter, after rains, but also in spring when the temperatures are good and the vegetation is green.

 Nearby locations

Mount Ferru (about 10Km), Bia josso waterfall (about 12Km). 

I know that area quite well, so if you need more information or need a guide don't hesitate to contact me.


This is one of mine picture of the waterfall.

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