A fieldworker's guide to the Golden eagle, by Dave Walker (Whittles Publishing)


"The Golden Eagle is generally thought to be a well-known and well-documented species although much of the available literature cannot readily be used in the field. Additionally, much-existing information has little supporting evidence and yet is still largely accepted without question which may be detrimental to understand eagle ecology and undermine conservation efforts. This important issue is addressed by the author who queries numerous long-held belief about Golden Eagles. The Fieldworker's Guide examines existing knowledge and promotes a better understanding of the species through improved fieldwork. With 37 years of active, year-round investigative fieldwork experience, the author has vast knowledge enabling him to shed light on these matters."

Zeiss Batis 18mm f/2.8, the ultrawide-angle by Zeiss


The Zeiss Batis 18mm is a super-wideangle autofocus fixed lens for Sony E-Mount system, and for the moment is the only one of this kind. Thinking about Zeiss is synonymous of high quality images, good materials, innovations and indeed every these qualities are present in this lens. Talking about its appareance, this lens is very beautiful, with smooth finitures and good material, a part the plastic hood: for this kind of lens I find that is too cheap, too plastic and sometime hardly to insert in the lens.

Photoseiki TB-101 gimbal head

Photoseiki TB-101 gimbal head is an accessory that should never miss a naturalist photographer I think is just a gimbal head !!


Photoseiki TB-101

Like so many photographer, I started with a normal aluminum tripod and her beautiful ball head, but when you start using some lenses of a certain level, and weight, you see that the tripod is not enough.
The problems that most are with ball heads are essentially three:
1. Need to continually 'lock' the adjustment knobs after setting the lens + camera system
2. little control in the pursuit of subjects to be photographed
3. Poor accuracy of the settings since there is always a slight gap between the parts
So in the end I decided for a good gimbal head and after a long search on the net, evaluating features and prices, I came to the Italian Photoseiki with the TB-101 model.

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BlackHead Lighthouse


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