ANDYCINE R2 Mini RGB Light and Quick release plate review


Hello everybody and welcome to this new review!

Today I want to share two accessories that a new Chinese company sent me to test. This company, Andycine, makes a lot of exciting products for video and photography as well.

The two products are a quick-release plate and LED light for vlog cameras, action cameras and phones, but only when used with a cage.



Let's start with the LED light.


The package is nice and well done and there are all product specifications. Once you open the box inside, you'll find the user manual, a welcome card, the light itself, and a USB-c cable for charging the built-in battery under the plastic seat. The light is like another LED light I've got, slightly smaller. The light comes with the battery already charged, so you can use it soon.

On the front side, there are, of course, the LED lights, and back there's the power/setting button, the USB plug for charging the battery and a small display. On both top sides of the light, there are two small knobs, called thumbwheels, for changing mode and settings.


The first bad thing about these knobs is that they are small, really small, and even with my small fingers sometime is difficult to use them. Anyway, they work for the purpose. And to end, there are three cold shoes for attaching three different accessories, like LED lights, microphones or whatever you want.

For turning on the light, you have to press the power button for a couple of seconds, and it starts in Effects mode, where you are able to "play" with this light. There are 20 different light effects, and some can be interesting in some situations. For nature photography, I think the most useful is the colour change to use during nightscape photography, or inside a photo blind to light yourself. The other two modes are the RGB mode, where you can choose a specific colour or in torch/television mode, which works like a torch. Pretty simple, I would say.


The field can be used as a fill-in light, for macro photography for instance.


The quick-release plate is strange stuff, but really interesting. First of all, it's small and lightweight, made with good materials, I think aluminium. In the package, there's a welcome card, the quick release plate with two screws and a wrench key.


The first, and I think the only, bad news is the metal of the screws... it's too soft in my opinion and it's easy to damage the head screw with the wrench key, so pay attention when you use it. A part of that thing, the quick release works pretty well. To remove the plate you need to press the button and move it forward. And you have always to press the release button for inserting the plate as well. Once inserted into the plate the solution looks pretty sturdy. In the package, as well as the welcome card, there is no written the maximum payload, so I think it's better to use it with small cameras or accessories that need support like that. A good thing about this quick-release plate is that the base is Arca compatible, so you could use it in a standard arca release as well like that. In my case, I'm gonna use it with a small carbon tripod with the Zoom H8 microphones [far vedere]. Now it's easier to use it and mostly it's faster to set up.


Ok guys, what else can I say? These two accessories are good. They work pretty well. There are some small issues, but they don't affect its functionality. So, I can recommend them and I recommend to check out the Andycine website at or on the Amazon website.

For now, it's all, I hope you enjoyed reading this short review. See you next time. Bye, bye

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