As you know, I love waterfalls laughing, and also this time I took advange about the "yellow" for going around and taking some new pictures. For "yellow" I mean the Italian regional classification about the Coronavirus. In fact my region, Sardinia, now is orange, that means more restrictions, like not going everywhere, but we can only go around the municipalities where we live.  It's a bit strange that, but basically we can do almost everything apart going to gyms, cinemas and stuff like that. I hope we can start to live normally as we did before the Covid 19, and to forget this bad situation very soon.

Anyway in the weekend I had the opportunity to see a new, for me, waterfall called Sas lapias, very, very beautiful made by three single waterfall, even though there's only one stream. The second one waterfall I had already photographed before, but this time I went at the bottom of the waterfall, in order to change perspective.

Both waterfalls are really interesting and quite easy to reach, so I'll publish soon a Viewpoint to show you where find them. But now have a look the pictures:

Sas lapias waterfall


Lu tuvu waterfall:


Recently I'm not taking many wildlife pictures, because I'm a little concentrated in new others activities, but I hope you like these new pictures and if you are interested in my work you would follow me watching my Youtube channel. Bye for now and I hope to see you really soon.

Italian version

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